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Let's Make a Musical!


23-29 July 2016 (Sat-Fri a.m.)

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Meet Jo in these two new videos!

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(Thank you to Drousha for the video creation :-D)


Calling all young singers, musicians, designers, actors and songwriters!


For the second year, singer/songwriter Joanna Eden will be leading a week of music making and story telling with a simple mission: creating a brand new musical….from scratch.


You don't need to have any previous experience, skills or...'talent'!


All you need is a sense of fun!


Jo taught internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Sam Smith for nine years, helping him to develop and value his unique voice and songwriting skills.


Last summer at Othona, Jo guided a group of young people through the devising, composing and performing of a totally original piece of musical theatre which became 'Sea of Dreams'. And she's coming back this year to create a totally new one. Will you come and help her?


Parents and others can lend a hand, of course, but they’ll be taking a back seat. Younger people – from 8 to 24 ideally – will be what it’s all about!


(N.B. Children younger than 8 could be involved but in a more limited way.)




Jo performing the Sam Smith song 'Stay with me'


"Thank you to all the creative and gifted souls who made up 'Let's Make a Musical'."


"Congratulations to Jo and everyone for a great performance! I am reminded of the words of Hafiz, the great Sufi poet: The Heart is a thousand-stringed instrument, tuned by love."


  Adult standard £326  
  Adult concession £249  
  Child 11-18 £164  
  Child 3-10 £126  
  Adult deposit £30  
  Child deposit £15


A few photos of the folk who created 'Sea of Dreams' at 'Let's Make a Musical' in 2015! Click a photo to view...

































We are excited and delighted to be participating in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award for the first time. Young people can attend this event as part of doing their Gold DofE. For more info please contact us.


Jo (right) and her daughter Drousha designing props for the show