Othona West Dorset

Othona West Dorset

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Open Space with Musical Mystery Tour


6-11 Nov 2012 (Tues-Sun p.m.)

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Open Space means a classic Othona relaxation week – in community with others but setting your own pace. And this time there's a rather special bonus activity on offer if you choose to try it.


Do you love listening to music? Don’t you wish you could widen and deepen that experience?


This is your chance, guided by Fiona Heyes whose passion for all kinds of music is legendary. She’s been a pianist, reviewer, jazz club impresario, and at all times a music lover with the broadest of tastes.


Each day Fiona presents a themed session, selecting tracks from her vast collection, everything from classical to electronic, from chillout to choral, from haunting world music solos to exuberant big bands. In between tracks Fiona shares insights and stories about the music, the artists and composers. (N.B. For those who enjoyed her previous Tours at Othona, this year's material will all be new to you.)


"An exciting, unforgettable and happy musical journey"




  Adult standard £233  
  Adult concession £176  
  Child 11-18    
  Child 3-10    
  Adult deposit £30  
  Child deposit

Cogden Beach below Othona West Dorset

Cogden Beach below Othona West Dorset


Fiona Heyes